Passion fruit and custard soufflés served with caramelised bananas and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

One hand in the cookie jar

Firstly, I should start with apologising as for the first time since I started this blog, I didn’t have the time to post a blog last week. What with moving house, getting back from holiday and no broadband till this week, I just didn’t have the energy to be honest. All I could manage was early nights after evenings of unpacking boxes and trying to find somewhere to put it all (it’s amazing how coming from a one bed flat you still manage to fill a three bed house!) I was totally zonked and could only manage work and sleep.


I can’t complain though… St Lucia was just what the doctor ordered. Relaxation, sunshine, snoozing and of course plenty of good food. We were spoilt staying in a lovely resort that served some beautiful fresh food and I had endless amounts of mahi mahi, jumbo prawns and of course some…

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Another day here- Its already practical 13

Things are getting a lot tougher here. Punctuality seems to be key. If we present the dish even late by 30 seconds, the chef may not consider it for tasting. So suddenly just half way through the course, it seems so much tougher. Everyday is learning some new dish, cooking it for the pratical. Stations clean at al time and sauces must be good. Hopefully today will go fine. I am cooking, “Traditional White Bean Stew”. A dish where we must balance the fat and salt added in. The recipe looks easy but the cooking time is really long. 

Surprise exam-intermediate cuisine

IMG_9154Can’t believe i haven’t written in a while. Wow, its been a quick one this time. Just rushing through each day. Not much time to relax. Its getting tiring. Well we did have a surprise exam last friday. Don’t we all just love surprises. Well then it was a fun day. I tried to remember the cooking timings for the cooking the pigeon. ‘Roasted pigeon salmis with corn polenta and dried porcini mushrooms. Somehow with so many things to do- i almost forgot a few things here and there. The dish tasted good according to the chef, but my presentation wasn’t good at all. So anyways i need to reassure my self that eventually i prefer to make something that tastes good rather than some dish that tastes horrible and looks good. So for now i need to improve and focus on my presentation skills. This is the chefs version- i didn’t have time to take a picture. Every minute counts in the exam.

Intermediate Cuisine

Things are much more serious here at the school. I love the recipes and trying to take one day at a time…so far it feels good. The recipes are quite long and sometimes it feels like forever and just getting so lost while cooking. I love the Brittany prune cake. Tried baking it at home and it is a awesome and healthy snack. 

Follow your passion. Everything else is trivial.

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